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 Chaisaw mill

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Chainsaw mill 'Solo n' Start'

These two chainsaws mill the perfectly complement each other. The chainsaw mill "Start" will help make the first cut is very simple, the chainsaw mill "Solo" will help make the boards of the required thickness.

$ 240  USD

Chainsaw mill 'Solo'

This sawmill sawing logs into boards, without delivering them to the sawmill. Works well with all professional chainsaws.

$ 159  USD

Chainsaw mill 'Start'

The chainsaw mill "Start" primarily intended for the manufacture of square timber, but with her help square timber can be sawn into boards.

$ 110  USD

Transition bolts

The bolts that connect Chainsaw Mill "Solo" with any other Professional chainsaw.

$ 14  USD

Chainsaw mill 'SOLO N' START' this is a good assistant for both the master , and for the person who has a hobby - working with wood.
This 'chainsaw mill' allows sawing the log on the boards, without delivering them to the sawmill.
Often take one timber to the sawmill is not profitable,
and sometimes not possible. How does this work!? Watch the video

Chainsaw mill 'SOLO N' START' works well with all professional chainsaws with power from 4kW.
How to install the sawmill at the chainsaw? Watch the video

Two chainsaws mill - 'SOLO' and 'START', hex key, and two transitional bolts for assembling.
Download the manual


    S Mac   2017-05-23

What is the shipping cost and delivery time estimate to USA?

    Admin   2017-05-23

The price include shipping cost to USA and to any other place in the world.
Delivery time: 8-14 days.

    Gary   2018-02-22

Bring Back Solo ?

    Admin   2018-02-22

Gary Yes will be soon.

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